abcabcabc Aspen Constructors, the premier custom home builder and high-end commercial general contractor for Aspen and Snowmass.

During the 12 years the Little Nell Hotel has been open, Aspen Constructors has been responsible for every major construction project, consistently performing in a professional and effective manner. They also built my own home, a custom Italian style-ranch house, and I can highly recommend their attention to detail and quality of workmanship.

Eric Calderon

General Manager, Little Nell Hotel

Aspen Homeowner

I have been in the building inspection business in the Aspen and Snowmass Village area since 1996. I see a lot of high-end houses. It is not too often that I see a house that really impresses me, but when I walked through the front door of the house your company built at 17 Mountain Laurel Court in Aspen, it immediately got my attention in a very good way. I observed many details and equipment systems that placed this house very high on the scale of Aspen built quality homes.

Dana Carpenter

Building Inspector


From my initial contact with Aspen Constructors during bidding and throughout the entire construction process, I felt that we received first class service. Mike’s crews always showed up, worked hard and never accepted anything but the best workmanship. The project was finished ahead of schedule and at the original cost estimate.

Since completion, Mike has graciously delivered services above and beyond the call of duty. He and his crew are honest, straightforward, and very likable. We grew to trust them implicitly and still remain good friends.


Gregory N. Thomas

Aspen Homeowner

I have built residential homes and commercial facilities all over the world, and Aspen Constructors is by far the most trustworthy, professional and reliable builder I have had the pleasure to work with. I was literally at the site just once during the entire process, and the result was more than we could ever have dreamed!

Larry Gies

Custom Client

The Little Nell Hotel has employed Aspen Constructors for a wide variety of construction related jobs since opening in 1989. From the initial contract to today, Aspen Constructors has submitted detailed, cost-conscious proposals, which are honestly and professionally adhered to. The workers have proven timely, industrious, professional, and consistently performed first class workmanship. Additionally, they continue to provide extensive “service after the sale” which always meets, and often exceeds, our expectations.

Dennis Steffa

Chief Engineer

Little Nell Hotel